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Can you make money on Snapchat?

You can make money on Snapchat just the same way you can make money on YouTube or Instagram, through monetizing the content you produce through sponsorships. Snapchat is one of the lesser utilized media platforms when it comes to sponsorships because it is more know as a peer to peer communication platform than a true social media. However, with the addition of the public story on Snapchat it is possible to get your snaps seen by millions of people. If you have a snap account with thousands of followers it is definitely possible to start monetizing your snapchats.

How much money can I make on Snapchat?

The amount of money you can make on snapchat comes entirely down to how many views you get on your snap stories. Brands will pay to have you advertise their products on your snap stories, the amount they will pay you for promoting their product is dependent on how many customers you bring them through your story, the larger potential for customers the more you will be payed. If you have a huge snap account with millions of followers you could be payed thousands of dollars per sponsored snap.

How do I monetize my snaps?

In order to monetize your snaps you will need to partener with brands that are interested in advertising on your account. If your Snapchat account mostly focuses on highly profitable products such as cars it will be much easier for you to get a sponsorship deal. Once you have gained several thousand followers on Snapchat we recommend reaching out to brands whos products have a connection to the type of content you produce on your Snapchat.

You can also sign up for companies that connect snapchat influencers to brands that are interested in working with them. One example of such a company is Fanbytes. Fanbytes is a company that assigns snapchat users a fanbytes score, which basically says how valuable they are to advertisers based on views and engagement rates, and then connects creators to brands that want to work with them. Signing up is as simple as visiting their site and clicking on "I'm an Influencer".

How do many followers do I need on Snapchat to make money?

You will need at least a couple thousand followers to make money on snapchat. Brands want to partner with larger creators because this will get them more ad views. We recommend you have a following of at least 5,000 before you try to moentize your content.

How can I make money on Snapchat?

There are other ways to make money on snapchat besides just promotional snaps. You can also create a premium snapchat which is a snap story that people have to pay to see. Premium Snapchats can bring in thousands of dollars per month if you have content that people are willing to pay for. We recommend pricing your premium snaps between 5 and 20 dollars as this will attract the most customers.

You can also sell products directly on your snapchat. If you are a creator with a loyal audience it is a good idea to make products that your fans can use. Many influencers will sell merch on their social platforms and snapchat is no different. Consider making merch that your followers can buy and promote it on your snapchat story. Snapchat is especially easy to sell merch on because of the simple swipe to access feature. You can make a snapchat with a link to your products in it and all your followers will have to do to view the product is swipe up.

Another new way you can make money on snapchat is by getting on the snapchat featured page. In order to ramp up competition with apps like Instagram and TikTok, snapchat has implemented their own version of the discover page where popular user content is recommended to everyone. If you get your snapchat onto the featured page you will receive a cut of the million dollar per day prize pool.

How do I get onto snapchats featured page?

Snapchat will determine who gets featured with an advanced algorithm that looks at many factors of a users public snap story including view time, how many times it is shared and other complex statistics. To get featured you will need to submit a snapchat video with sound to Our Story. Then based on how popular it is Snapchat will decide to feature it or not. If you have a lot of followers on Snapchat this will boost your chances of getting onto the featured page which is why it is often taken over by internet celebrities.

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