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How much you make per ad click on your site in cents
Average ~ 30 Cents


This is the percent of visitors that click on an ad.
Average ~ 1-2

Daily: Second half

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How do websites earn money?

Websites earn money in many different ways but the two main ways are through advertisements and affiliate marketing. Advertisements are put on the website through companies like Google Adsense and the website earns money for each time the ads on the site are clicked or viewed. If you are wondering how to get approved for Google Adsense check out this article.

Affiliate marketing is another way that webites make money. Affiliate marketing is when a website puts product listings from Amazon or other companies on their website and everytime someone buys a product through the links on the website, the website makes a cut of the profits, usually around 3% of the price of the item.

How much can a website make?

The amount a website can make is primarily based on the viewership of the website. The more people that visit the site a day, the more the website will make. Another variable that affects the amount a site can make is the subjects the site covers. Certain site subjects are worth more money to advertisers. For example a site that covers a subject such as excercise may make around a dollar per visitor that clicks an ad on the site, whereas a site covering online degree programs may make up to 80 dollars per click. The top earning websites can make millions of dollars a month.

How do I increase my website earnings?

To increase your website earnings there are a couple easy steps you can take. The first is to improve your website quality, the apperance and usability of a website are taken into consideration by google when deciding the amount you will be payed per click so improving your website quality will increase your revenue.

Another way to improve your website earnings is to add pages to your website that have high paying keywords. The amount you are payed per click on an add on your site is determined by your advertising keywords. If you write content on your site that includes high value keywords your ad earnings will skyrocket.

How do I increase my CPC (cost per click)?

Website CPC is a very important metric when it comes to making money on your site. CPC is the amount you earn per click on your websites ads. A good way to increase your CPC, and by association your adsense earnings, is to intigrate links into your content. Links, whether they are to other pages on your site or other sites, will increase your domain authority score which will increase the quality of advertisers bidding on your site and increase your cost per click. This simple act of building links will increase your CPC by leaps and bounds.

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