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This is how much you make per 1000 views
Average ~ 2-4

Daily: Second half

Monthly: Second half

Yearly: Second half

How is YouTube revenue calculated?

There are many different factors when it comes to making money on YouTube. However, the two main factors that affect the amount of revenue a channel can bring in are the channels Views and RPM. Everyone knows what views are, but what is RPM?

What is RPM (revenue per mille)?

RPM stands for revenue per mille, which is a confusing acronym that really just means the amount a creator will get paid per 1000 views on a video. For example if your RPM was 2 and your video got 20,000 views you would earn 40 dollars, (20,000 / 1000 * 2) = 40.

A higher RPM is better, the higher your RPM the more money you will make per view on your video. RPM varies wildely from video to video, and can range from less than 1 dollar to more than 20 dollars depending on the type of content.

How do I increase my RPM?

The most important factor when it comes to RPM is the catagory your video is in. Different catagories of videos have different rates that advertisers are willing to pay to put ads on them. The higher the rate the advertiser is willing to pay for the catagory, the higher the CPM will be for a video in that catagory. So if you want to improve your CPM you may want to consider making videos that fall into a higher CPM catagory.

Other factors that can affect RPM are things such as whether the video has adult themes or language such as swearing that advertisers will shy away from. Videos with excessive cursing will be deemed non advertiser friendly and will therefore not pay as much. Length of a video can also affect RPM, this is because RPM is often tied to viewer engagement (how long a viewer stays watching your videos) a longer video will frequently get more watchtime so longer videos also often get higher RPM rates.

What catagories get the highest RPM?

Content focusing on buisness services currently has the highest RPM rate with a RPM of around $60. Other high paying catagories include Bail Bond videos at around $60, Casino videos at around $55, Insurance videos at around $50, Online degree videos at $47 and Psychic videos at $43. These key words are great ways to make money online.

These numbers however are at the very high end of what one might expect to get from an actual video in one of these catagories. RPM rates fluctuate from video to video so actual RPM rates in these catagories could be as little as half the dollar values listed.

What is an average RPM rate?

It's hard to list an accurate average RPM because it changes so much depending on the catagory of video but an estimated average for a video posted in the United States would be around $2-$4. For longer content that is advertiser friendly the average RPM rate is around $6-$8.

How does Youtubes RPM compare to TikTok?

The amount of money you can make on YouTube vs. TikTok are very different. On TikTok the average amount of views you get is higher and so RPM is lower, but you can still make a lot of money on TikTok.

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